Black Handcrafted Luxury

Black is mysterious, elegant and versatile. Wear something black for any occasion, you’ll never go wrong. This rule applies on any gender. Black accessories would fit any pastel or bright clothes perfectly. Put on the right shoes and the matching handbag, the elegant and polished look would be instantly achieved.

Like these items below from one of the world’s top handcrafted leather products brand: Tod’s.

handcrafted product Tod's brand
handcrafted product Tod’s brand

handcrafted product

These days, handcrafted products are some of the world’s best luxury. Most brands and manufacturers do their best to reduce the production cost, and machine mass made production method is the answer.  Handmade and handcrafted products requires more labor cost thus increase their production cost. So if we thought that handmade products should be cheaper than the mass made products, we thought wrong.

Some of this affordable luxury can be easily got on Indocrafties , a webstore of Indonesian handmade products. Go visit it, the web can be viewed in English and Bahasa Indonesia.


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