I’m In love…

Hi everyone. It’s Mei. It’s late at night on September 3rd right now in Pontianak. 10:43 PM but I can’t contain myself to not write this.

I am in love.



I just updated a new item on Indocrafties.com , a crocheted high heels shoes. And it is suppaaahhh pwwweetyyyyy

Oh my.. Here it is…

Fitaloka Famme Crochet Shoes
Fitaloka Famme Crochet Shoes

Now you see why I fell for this pair. It’s flirty and provoking, with the nice touch of batik pattern on the sole. The crochet pattern is cute, has this cute shade of pinkish red, and this pair is handcrafted.

Ladies, these heels would surely turn heads. Rock these with a pair of jeans or shorts, you’re good to go to some casual gigs. For fancier events, just put these on with a nice little black dress, it’ll be all you need.

Order yours at Fitaloka Famme Crocheted Shoes  now…


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