DIY Jeans Recycled – Tablet Cover


hi, this is our very first tutorial, recycled jeans for your tablet cover, its very simple, just simply measure your tablet and add 2 cm of space.

Here is what you need:
Denim pants

Lining fabric
foam for lining
Measuring tape
straight Pin (optional)
Tablet for sizing
Button for closure (optional, we love to use pineapple crochet motif as shown in the picture above)
Cord for closure (optional, we choose to use a crochet cord)

*sorry, we don’t take much pictures to show, but promise you, we’ll do it for the next tutorial.

Step 1:
Begin by laying your tablet on top of the denim pants to ascertain which portion
You want to take from the denim pants to make the sleeve. Repeat this step for the lining fabric  also for the foam.

Step 2:
Using your tablet as a template, leaving about 2 cm of space from the device to the edge, and cut the denim pants.
Cut the lining fabric and the foam into a rectangle that is the same size as the denim.

Step 3:
Turn the denim inside out, right side to right side, and together with the foam sew three sides (the bottom and long side), we want to make the tablet cover well worn.
Turn the lining  inside out, right side to right side, and sew three sides (bottom and long side)

Step 4:
Now you have a denim sewn together with the foam and another made out of a lining fabric. Keep the lining  sleeve inside out but turn the denim sleeve right side out. Insert the right side out denim sleeve into the inside out lining fabric sleeve, the denim sleeve should be just barely concealed by the lining fabric sleeve since they are about the same size.
Step 5:
Pull back the lining sleeve slightly and place and sew the button on the denim sleeve with the top of the button facing the lining fabric sleeve. On the opposite side, use the cord and make a loop facing downward  in the desired location in order to make the bottom clasp.

Step 6:
With the denim sleeve inside the lining fabric sleeve, sew around the circumference ot the open top. Leaving about 10 cm un-sewn (this is to enable you to pull the denim through the fabric lining). When you get to the bottom clasp, remove the pin, and hold the clasp in place as you sew your way around the top of the sleeve.

Step 7:
The denim and lining sleeve are now sewn together. Pull the denim through the 10 cm opening between that lining sleeve that was left un-sewn. The sleeve will now look like two right side out sleeve connected at the center.

Step 8:
Tuck  the lining sleeve into the denim sleeve .

Step 9:
Hand sew the 10 cm opening at the top closed. Slide your tablet into the sleeve and button the clasp, your new tablet cover is ready to show off!


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