Hello world!!..

So I am one of the founders of Indocrafties.com. I am passionate about business and investment, while handcrafted products catches my attention lately.


My mom has always been interested in handcrafting, my late grandmas made great crochet and cross stitch items. My late grandma taught me crochet once, and I managed to make hairband and crochet Barbie tutu mini skirt, good times…

So my interest in handcrafted products grew lately because I was working with #DepacBeauty . DePaC Beauty combines the knowledge of modern medic with natural wellness to give the best of both worlds on beauty. We make artisan face creams and moisturizing oils, all handmade.

That made me learned about handmade products and the realization hit me, HANDCRAFTED / HANDMADE PRODUCTS could be as good as or even better than industry made products. I was so naive thinking that industry made products are always better than the handcrafted ones. That way, handcrafted products grabbed my attention.

Well readers, I am sure gonna share many things about handcrafted products, from the eyes of a non artist. Handcrafting world is awesome. Get ready for it.

And for those of you whom are artists, view my opinions as a practical input for your business.




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