Recycled plastic bags turned to beautiful flowers

Pictured above are handmade flowers and leaves. The main material is used plastic bags. Never expected that recycled and reused products could be this fun and beautiful. Gambar-gambar ini adalah bunga-bunga dan daun-daun handmade yang terbuat dari kantong plastik bekas. Siapa sangka benda daur ulang bisa begitu cantik dan menyenangkan? You can decorate your home or office or business area too, using this amazing recycled … Continue reading Recycled plastic bags turned to beautiful flowers

Review: Kuroshoppu Clay Art & Tips to take care of clay art.

What if you can have the miniature of anything visible, from food to cartoon characters? When you can’t find any desired figurine or any proper gift for your loved ones, just create one. Below is Asterix & Obelix cartoon characters clay figurine. It’s super cute and looks so much alike the character. 3d clay figurine could look so much alike the 2d version in movie / comic of your … Continue reading Review: Kuroshoppu Clay Art & Tips to take care of clay art.

Travelling? Spend on handcrafted souvenir.

Planning on year end travel? Whether you are going to warm places like tropical paradise of Indonesia, or going to some colder countries like those in Europe, never fail to plan your vacation well. One of the main thing people do while on vacation is souvenir shopping, besides sight seeing. Why is souvenir shopping so important? Well, some people do need something to take home to their place / country … Continue reading Travelling? Spend on handcrafted souvenir.

Black Handcrafted Luxury

Black is mysterious, elegant and versatile. Wear something black for any occasion, you’ll never go wrong. This rule applies on any gender. Black accessories would fit any pastel or bright clothes perfectly. Put on the right shoes and the matching handbag, the elegant and polished look would be instantly achieved. Like these items below from one of the world’s top handcrafted leather products brand: Tod’s. These days, … Continue reading Black Handcrafted Luxury

Sling Bag with Crocodile Stitch

Hai.. Hello, how is your weekend? Ngapain aja di hari minggu kemarin? Ada banyak jenis kegiatan yang bisa kita lakukan untuk mengisi waktu luang, dari mulai liburan ke luar kota atau hanya sekedar jalan-jalan santai di mol atau taman kota. Dan salah satu item yang wajib dibawa khususnya untuk yang perempuan kalau lagi jalan-jalan adalah tas, iya kan? Jadi, pernah ga kepikiran untuk bikin tas … Continue reading Sling Bag with Crocodile Stitch

Hi, everyone. How’s your week so far? I am living in GMT+ 7 so currently it’s Friday night here. Wish you a great weekend, dearest Craftie Fans.. Go to some hangout place wearing some nice frocks and accessories to define your style. It could be a one of a kind handbag like this one below. Right now I am writing about one of the most amazing handcrafted handbag … Continue reading

DIY Jeans Recycled – Tablet Cover

hi, this is our very first tutorial, recycled jeans for your tablet cover, its very simple, just simply measure your tablet and add 2 cm of space. Here is what you need: Denim pants Lining fabric foam for lining Scissor Measuring tape straight Pin (optional) Tablet for sizing Button for closure (optional, we love to use pineapple crochet motif as shown in the picture above) … Continue reading DIY Jeans Recycled – Tablet Cover

Hello world!!..

So I am one of the founders of I am passionate about business and investment, while handcrafted products catches my attention lately. My mom has always been interested in handcrafting, my late grandmas made great crochet and cross stitch items. My late grandma taught me crochet once, and I managed to make hairband and crochet Barbie tutu mini skirt, good times… So my interest in handcrafted products … Continue reading Hello world!!..